Your virtual mailbox lets you have a proper business address without needing a PO Box or Dept number. Just get your post sent to :

Your Business Name
Cowes Business Centre
232 Newport Road
PO31 8PE

If you like you can leave out the line with Cowes Business Centre but you must have the number and road name as well as the postcode.

When your post arrives at our place, we’ll take a photo of each item and upload it onto our system. You’ll get an email to let you know that you have post and you can login and see each item.

Then you can decide what you want us to do with each piece of post.

  • Forward it to your address
  • Hang on to it for you to collect
  • Destroy it. Handy for junk mail!
  • Open it and scan the pages

Our Post Scan service is really handy as we will open your post, scan all the pages and upload them onto our system. You’ll get another email notifying you that we’ve done that and you can log in to take a look or download the scans.

To compare our services and check our prices, go to our pricing page.