Thinking of starting a business?

Open for business

We’ve all done it. You’re sitting at home on a dark Sunday evening thinking about having to go back to work on Monday and wishing you didn’t have to. Do you really enjoy putting in all those hours for someone else’s benefit? Maybe you could start your own business?

“When’s the best time to start a business?” “Now!”

So what’s stopping you?

If you need help with what’s involved then speak to the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce as they have courses available for new starters. If you need financial help then talk to your bank as there are all sorts of ways to raise money to get you going. How about somewhere to work from?

When you’re starting out you don’t want to be spending loads of money on offices that you might not need. Most of us have got used to working from home since COVID19 strolled in so why not work from home? If you can motivate yourself and have the space to do it then save money and work from home.

Well that’s where we come in. Cowes Business Centre can provide you with a Virtual Mailbox that you can run your business from. We can even be your registered office address if you’re starting a limited company. We’ll receive all your post, and even parcels, and upload pictures of it to our online system so you can see what post has come in for you. You can then decide to have it forwarded to you, held for collection or opened, scanned and uploaded so you can see it online. Of course we’ll also destroy it if you like as there is no point in forwarding junk mail to you.

From as little as £25 a month we’ll be your official business address. Find out more about how it works and sign up today!

Now what was it that was stopping you start your business?