What sort of post does your Virtual Mailbox service cover?

Our Virtual Mailbox service is designed for businesses that need an address to receive their day to day post. Therefore we’re happy to receive letters, magazines and small packets. Pretty much anything that will go into a normal letter box. We will also accept signed for or recorded delivery items on your behalf. If you know that you are going to be receiving a cash on delivery service then please get in touch to arrange it with us. If you want to receive larger items then you’ll need to take out our Parcel Receive service.

Do I have to come and get my post?

No not at all! In fact our service is different from so many others because you can deal with your post entirely online if you want. We photograph every item of post we receive and you’ll get an email notification telling you we have post for you. You can view the items online and decide if you want us to forward it to you by post, open it and scan each page to view online or even destroy it if it’s junk. We’ll also hang onto it for collection if you want.

Can I register my limited company at your address?

Yes you can! You’ll need to sign up for our Virtual Mailbox service and our Registered Office service. We will need evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of the company and then we’ll accept any legal paperwork served on your business on your behalf. Of course we’re not responsible for dealing with that paperwork. It’s still your business!

What address should I use?

You should address your post as follows:

Your Business Name
Cowes Business Centre
232 Newport Road
PO31 8PE

If you prefer you can miss off the Cowes Business Centre line but you must use the rest or your post might not make it to us.

What if I have two company names?

As long as you don’t need them billed to the individual businesses, you can sign up for our Additional Names service. That lets you register another business name (or many) for your Virtual Mailbox. We’ll accept post for each name and treat it as if it was all received for the primary business.

If you need more control or individual billing then you’ll need to sign up for separate accounts for each business.

How much post will you accept?

We’re happy to accept normal quantities of post that a small business would expect to receive. If you want to use us for large quantities, for example mail order returns or bulk letters, then we would need to discuss a different contract. We’ll be reasonable but we expect you to be too. Please talk to us if you’re not sure.

What are your opening hours?

We do not operate a front counter or reception so our premises are not always manned. If you want to collect items in person then please give us a quick call to make sure there is somebody around to help you.

We will be introducing 24 hour access to physical mailboxes in the near future so that you can drop in when it is convenient to you.